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cbarry.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Main header file for Barry C API - incomplete

Definition in file cbarry.h.

#include "dll.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <time.h>

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#define BARRY_CALENDAR_ENDTIME   0x030307
#define BARRY_CALENDAR_INTERVAL   0x010308
#define BARRY_CALENDAR_LOCATION   0x020304
#define BARRY_CALENDAR_NOTES   0x020303
#define BARRY_CALENDAR_SUBJECT   0x020302
#define BARRY_CALENDAR_TIMEZONE   0x01030b
#define BARRY_CONTACT_ADDRESS1   0x02010e
#define BARRY_CONTACT_ADDRESS2   0x02010f
#define BARRY_CONTACT_ADDRESS3   0x020110
#define BARRY_CONTACT_CITY   0x020111
#define BARRY_CONTACT_COMPANY   0x02010c
#define BARRY_CONTACT_COUNTRY   0x020114
#define BARRY_CONTACT_EMAIL   0x020102
#define BARRY_CONTACT_FAX   0x020104
#define BARRY_CONTACT_FIRSTNAME   0x02010a
#define BARRY_CONTACT_HOMEPHONE   0x020106
#define BARRY_CONTACT_LASTNAME   0x02010b
#define BARRY_CONTACT_NOTES   0x020117
#define BARRY_CONTACT_PAGER   0x020108
#define BARRY_CONTACT_PHONE   0x020103
#define BARRY_CONTACT_PIN   0x020109
#define BARRY_CONTACT_PROVINCE   0x020112
#define BARRY_CONTACT_PUBLICKEY   0x020116
#define BARRY_CONTACT_RECORDID   0x010101
#define BARRY_CONTACT_TITLE   0x020115
#define BARRY_CONTACT_WORKPHONE   0x020105
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_BODY   0x020208
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_CC_EMAIL   0x020206
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_CC_NAME   0x020205
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_FROM_EMAIL   0x020202
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_FROM_NAME   0x020201
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_SUBJECT   0x020207
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_TO_EMAIL   0x020204
#define BARRY_MESSAGE_TO_NAME   0x020203
#define BARRY_SERVICEBOOK_DSID   0x020405
#define BARRY_SERVICEBOOK_NAME   0x020402
#define IS_NUMBER(fieldcode)   (((fieldcode & 0xff0000) == 0x010000)
#define IS_STRING(fieldcode)   (((fieldcode & 0xff0000) == 0x020000)
#define IS_TIME(fieldcode)   (((fieldcode & 0xff0000) == 0x030000)


typedef void * con_handle_t
typedef void(* fill_record_callback_t )(int record_type, record_handle_t empty_record)
typedef void * probe_handle_t
typedef void(* process_record_callback_t )(int record_type, record_handle_t filled_record)
typedef void * record_handle_t
typedef void * state_table_handle_t


BXEXPORT int barry_calendar_set_daily (record_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT int barry_calendar_set_monthly_by_date (record_handle_t handle, int day_of_month)
BXEXPORT int barry_calendar_set_monthly_by_day (record_handle_t handle, int day_of_week, int week_of_month)
BXEXPORT int barry_calendar_set_weekly (record_handle_t handle, int weekday_bits)
BXEXPORT int barry_calendar_set_yearly_by_date (record_handle_t handle, int day_of_month, int month_of_year)
BXEXPORT int barry_calendar_set_yearly_by_day (record_handle_t handle, int day_of_week, int week_of_month, int month_of_year)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_add_record (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, record_handle_t rec)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_clear_dirty (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, unsigned int state_table_index)
BXEXPORT void barry_con_close (con_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_delete_record (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, unsigned int state_table_index)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_get_db_count (con_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_get_db_info (con_handle_t handle, int index, unsigned int *number, unsigned int *record_count, char *name, int name_buf_size)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_get_dbid (con_handle_t handle, const char *dbname)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_get_record (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, unsigned int state_table_index, record_handle_t *rec)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_load_database (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, process_record_callback_t callback)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_mode (con_handle_t handle, int mode)
BXEXPORT con_handle_t barry_con_open (struct ProbeResult *result)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_save_database (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, fill_record_callback_t callback)
BXEXPORT int barry_con_set_record (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid, unsigned int state_table_index, record_handle_t rec)
BXEXPORT record_handle_t barry_create_record (int record_type)
BXEXPORT void barry_free_record (record_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT void barry_free_state_table (state_table_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT const char * barry_get_last_error ()
BXEXPORT int barry_get_state (state_table_handle_t handle, unsigned int index, uint32_t *record_id, int *dirty_flag)
BXEXPORT int barry_get_state_by_record_id (state_table_handle_t handle, unsigned int rec, unsigned int *index, int *dirty_flag)
BXEXPORT int barry_get_state_count (state_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT state_table_handle_t barry_get_state_table (con_handle_t handle, unsigned int dbid)
BXEXPORT const TimeZone * barry_get_time_zone (unsigned short code)
BXEXPORT unsigned short barry_get_time_zone_code (signed short hour_offset, signed short min_offset)
BXEXPORT const TimeZone * 
barry_get_time_zone_table ()
BXEXPORT void barry_init (int data_dump_mode)
BXEXPORT int barry_make_new_record_id (state_table_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT probe_handle_t barry_probe (void)
BXEXPORT void barry_probe_close (probe_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT int barry_probe_count (probe_handle_t handle)
BXEXPORT int barry_probe_find_active (probe_handle_t handle, uint32_t pin)
BXEXPORT void barry_probe_result (probe_handle_t handle, int index, struct ProbeResult *result)
BXEXPORT uint32_t barry_rec_get_num (record_handle_t handle, int field_type)
BXEXPORT const char * barry_rec_get_raw (record_handle_t handle, int field_type, int *raw_size)
BXEXPORT const char * barry_rec_get_str (record_handle_t handle, int field_type)
BXEXPORT time_t barry_rec_get_time (record_handle_t handle, int field_type)
BXEXPORT int barry_rec_set_num (record_handle_t handle, int field_type, uint32_t val)
BXEXPORT int barry_rec_set_raw (record_handle_t handle, int field_type, const char *buf, int size)
BXEXPORT int barry_rec_set_str (record_handle_t handle, int field_type, const char *str)
BXEXPORT int barry_rec_set_time (record_handle_t handle, int field_type, time_t t)
BXEXPORT const char * barry_version (int *major, int *minor)

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