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/// \file   ldif.h
///         Routines for reading and writing LDAP LDIF data.

    Copyright (C) 2005-2008, Net Direct Inc. (http://www.netdirect.ca/)

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

    See the GNU General Public License in the COPYING file at the
    root directory of this project for more details.

#ifndef __BARRY_LDIF_H__
#define __BARRY_LDIF_H__

#include "dll.h"
#include <string>
#include <map>

// forward declarations
namespace Barry {
      class Contact;

namespace Barry {

// ContactLdif
/// Class for generating LDIF output based on a Barry::Contact record object.
/// This class supports LDIF attribute mapping, and a heuristics mechanism
/// for parsing LDIF fields that may not have consistent data.
/// To use this class, create an instance of it, then call DumpLdif(), passing
/// the Contact record object to base the work on.  Output will be written
/// to the stream you provide.  ReadLdif() goes in the other direction.
/// To override LDIF attribute mapping, call Map() or Unmap() as appropriate.
/// To get a list of supported Barry::Contact field names, call GetFieldNames().
/// This function returns a pointer to an array of ContactLdif::NameToFunc
/// structures, ending with NameToFunc::name as null.  You can cycle through the
/// array with code like this:
/// <pre>
///   for( ContactLdif::NameToFunc *n = o.GetFieldNames(); n->name; n++ ) {
///         ...
///   }
/// </pre>
/// Note that all Get/Set functions used in attribute mapping are virtual,
/// and can be overridden by a derived class.  This includes the heuristics
/// functions, which are called by DumpLdif().
00064 class BXEXPORT ContactLdif
      typedef std::string (ContactLdif::*GetFunctionType)(const Barry::Contact&) const;
      typedef void (ContactLdif::*SetFunctionType)(Barry::Contact&, const std::string &) const;

      /// Used to create a List of supported Barry field names, including
      /// calculated names, such as full postal address.
00072       struct NameToFunc
            const char *name;
            const char *description;
            GetFunctionType read;
            SetFunctionType write;

      struct LdifAttribute
            std::string name;
            std::string objectClass;
            int order;

            LdifAttribute() : order(0) {}
            LdifAttribute(const char *name, const std::string &oc = "")
                  : name(name), objectClass(oc), order(0)
            LdifAttribute(const std::string &name, const std::string &oc = "")
                  : name(name), objectClass(oc), order(0)

            bool operator<(const LdifAttribute &other) const;
            bool operator==(const LdifAttribute &other) const;

      struct AccessPair
            GetFunctionType read;
            SetFunctionType write;

            AccessPair() : read(0), write(0) {}
            AccessPair(GetFunctionType r, SetFunctionType w)
                  : read(r), write(w)

      typedef std::map<LdifAttribute, AccessPair>   AccessMapType;
      typedef std::map<std::string, std::string*>   HookMapType;

      static const NameToFunc FieldMap[];
      AccessMapType m_map;
      std::string m_baseDN;
      HookMapType m_hookMap;
      LdifAttribute m_dnAttr;

      void DoWrite(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &attr,
            const std::string &data);

      // Array getter state
      mutable unsigned int m_emailIndex;

      // name heuristics
      std::string m_cn, m_displayName, m_sn, m_givenName;

      // heuristics hooking - saves each found value in the variable
      // pointed at by var
      void Hook(const std::string &ldifname, std::string *var);

      explicit ContactLdif(const std::string &baseDN);
      virtual ~ContactLdif();

      const NameToFunc* GetFieldNames() const { return FieldMap; }
      const NameToFunc* GetField(const std::string &fieldname) const;
      std::string GetFieldReadName(GetFunctionType read) const;
      std::string GetFieldWriteName(SetFunctionType write) const;

      bool Map(const LdifAttribute &ldifname, const std::string &readField,
            const std::string &writeField);
      void Map(const LdifAttribute &ldifname, GetFunctionType read,
            SetFunctionType write);
      void Unmap(const LdifAttribute &ldifname);

      void SetBaseDN(const std::string &baseDN) { m_baseDN = baseDN; }
      bool SetDNAttr(const LdifAttribute &name);
      bool SetObjectClass(const LdifAttribute &name, const std::string &objectClass);
      bool SetObjectOrder(const LdifAttribute &name, int order);

      // Access functions

      virtual std::string Email(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Phone(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Fax(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string WorkPhone(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string HomePhone(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string MobilePhone(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Pager(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string PIN(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string FirstName(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string LastName(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Company(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string DefaultCommunicationsMethod(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Address1(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Address2(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Address3(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string City(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Province(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string PostalCode(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Country(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string JobTitle(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string PublicKey(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string Notes(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      // calculated values...
      virtual std::string PostalAddress(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string FullName(const Barry::Contact &con) const;
      virtual std::string FQDN(const Barry::Contact &con) const;

      // Array modifier functions for above Access functions

      virtual bool IsArrayFunc(GetFunctionType getf) const;
      void ClearArrayState() const;

      // Write functions

      virtual void SetEmail(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetPhone(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetFax(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetWorkPhone(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetHomePhone(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetMobilePhone(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetPager(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetPIN(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetFirstName(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetLastName(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetCompany(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetDefaultCommunicationsMethod(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetAddress1(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetAddress2(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetAddress3(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetCity(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetProvince(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetPostalCode(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetCountry(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetJobTitle(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetPublicKey(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetNotes(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetPostalAddress(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetFullName(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;
      virtual void SetFQDN(Barry::Contact &con, const std::string &val) const;

      // Name heuristics

      virtual void ClearHeuristics();
      virtual bool RunHeuristics(Barry::Contact &con);

      // Operations

      void DumpLdif(std::ostream &os, const Barry::Contact &contact) const;
      bool ReadLdif(std::istream &is, Barry::Contact &contact);
                                          // returns true on success
      void DumpMap(std::ostream &os) const;

      static std::string MakeLdifData(const std::string &str);
      static bool NeedsEncoding(const std::string &str);

BXEXPORT inline std::ostream& operator<< (std::ostream &os, const ContactLdif &ldif) {
      return os;

} // namespace Barry


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