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/// \file   r_calendar.h
///         Blackberry database record parser class for calndar records.

    Copyright (C) 2005-2008, Net Direct Inc. (http://www.netdirect.ca/)

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

    See the GNU General Public License in the COPYING file at the
    root directory of this project for more details.


#include "dll.h"
#include "record.h"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <stdint.h>

namespace Barry {

// NOTE:  All classes here must be container-safe!  Perhaps add sorting
//        operators in the future.

/// \addtogroup RecordParserClasses
/// @{

class BXEXPORT Calendar
      typedef std::vector<UnknownField>         UnknownsType;

      uint8_t RecType;
      uint32_t RecordId;

      // general data
      bool AllDayEvent;
      std::string Subject;
      std::string Notes;
      std::string Location;
      time_t NotificationTime;      // 0 means notification is off
      time_t StartTime;
      time_t EndTime;

      /// Free Busy Flag
      /// This lists the available settings found in the device.
      /// This list is based on information from MS Outlook 2007
      /// (Free ==0 and Busy == 2)
      /// This is FBTYPE in RFC2445 and is defined as
      enum FreeBusyFlagType {
            Free = 0,
      FreeBusyFlagType FreeBusyFlag;

      /// Class Flag
      /// This is also called classification in Evolution and it
      ///  is the equivilant of public or private in outlook
      ///  Private is set to 0x2 in Outlook
      enum ClassFlagType {
            Public = 0,

      ClassFlagType ClassFlag;

      /// Recurring data
      /// Note: interval can be used on all of these recurring types to
      ///       make it happen "every other time" or more, etc.
      enum RecurringCodeType {
            Day = 1,          //< eg. every day
                              //< set: nothing
            MonthByDate = 3,  //< eg. every month on the 12th
                              //< set: DayOfMonth
            MonthByDay = 4,         //< eg. every month on 3rd Wed
                              //< set: DayOfWeek and WeekOfMonth
            YearByDate = 5,         //< eg. every year on March 5
                              //< set: DayOfMonth and MonthOfYear
            YearByDay = 6,          //< eg. every year on 3rd Wed of Jan
                              //< set: DayOfWeek, WeekOfMonth, and
                              //<      MonthOfYear
            Week = 12         //< eg. every week on Mon and Fri
                              //< set: WeekDays
      bool Recurring;
      RecurringCodeType RecurringType;
      unsigned short Interval;      // must be >= 1
      time_t RecurringEndTime;      // only pertains if Recurring is true
                              // sets the date and time when
                              // recurrence of this appointment
                              // should no longer occur
                              // If a perpetual appointment, this
                              // is 0xFFFFFFFF in the low level data
                              // Instead, set the following flag.
      bool Perpetual;               // if true, this will always recur
      unsigned short TimeZoneCode;  // the time zone originally used
                              // for the recurrence data...
                              // seems to have little use, but
                              // set to your current time zone
                              // as a good default
      bool TimeZoneValid;           // true if the record contained a
                              // time zone code

      unsigned short                // recurring details, depending on type
            DayOfWeek,        // 0-6
            WeekOfMonth,            // 1-5
            DayOfMonth,       // 1-31
            MonthOfYear;            // 1-12
      unsigned char WeekDays;       // bitmask, bit 0 = sunday

// FIXME - put these somewhere usable by both C and C++
            #define CAL_WD_SUN      0x01
            #define CAL_WD_MON      0x02
            #define CAL_WD_TUE      0x04
            #define CAL_WD_WED      0x08
            #define CAL_WD_THU      0x10
            #define CAL_WD_FRI      0x20
            #define CAL_WD_SAT      0x40

      // unknown
      UnknownsType Unknowns;

      const unsigned char* ParseField(const unsigned char *begin,
            const unsigned char *end);
      void ParseRecurrenceData(const void *data);
      void BuildRecurrenceData(void *data) const;


      // Parser / Builder API (see parser.h / builder.h)
      uint8_t GetRecType() const { return RecType; }
      uint32_t GetUniqueId() const { return RecordId; }
      void SetIds(uint8_t Type, uint32_t Id) { RecType = Type; RecordId = Id; }
      void ParseHeader(const Data &data, size_t &offset);
      void ParseFields(const Data &data, size_t &offset);
      void BuildHeader(Data &data, size_t &offset) const;
      void BuildFields(Data &data, size_t &offset) const;

      void Clear();

      void Dump(std::ostream &os) const;

      // sorting
      bool operator<(const Calendar &other) const { return StartTime < other.StartTime; }

      // database name
      static const char * GetDBName() { return "Calendar"; }
      static uint8_t GetDefaultRecType() { return 5; }      // or 0?

BXEXPORT inline std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream &os, const Calendar &msg) {
      return os;

/// @}

} // namespace Barry


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