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/// \file   usbwrap.h
///         USB API wrapper

    Copyright (C) 2005-2008, Chris Frey

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

    See the GNU General Public License in the COPYING file at the
    root directory of this project for more details.

#ifndef __SB_USBWRAP_H__
#define __SB_USBWRAP_H__

#include "dll.h"
#include <usb.h>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include "error.h"


namespace Barry { class Data; }

/// Namespace for the libusb-related wrapper classes.  This namespace
/// may change in the future.
namespace Usb {

/// \addtogroup exceptions
/// @{

/// Thrown on low level USB errors.
00044 class BXEXPORT Error : public Barry::Error
      int m_libusb_errcode;

      Error(const std::string &str);
      Error(int libusb_errcode, const std::string &str);

      // can return 0 in some case, if unknown error code
      int libusb_errcode() const { return m_libusb_errcode; }

class BXEXPORT Timeout : public Error
      Timeout(const std::string &str) : Error(str) {}
      Timeout(int libusb_errcode, const std::string &str)
            : Error(libusb_errcode, str) {}

/// @}

/// Typedefs used by the wrapper class, in the hope to make it
/// easier to switch from libusb stable to devel and back.
00068 typedef struct usb_device*                DeviceIDType;
typedef struct usb_dev_handle*                  DeviceHandleType;

class BXEXPORT Match
      struct usb_bus *m_busses;
      struct usb_device *m_dev;
      int m_vendor, m_product;
      int m_lasterror;
      const char *m_busname;
      const char *m_devname;
      static bool ToNum(const char *str, long &num);
      static bool NameCompare(const char *n1, const char *n2);
      Match(int vendor, int product,
            const char *busname = 0, const char *devname = 0);

      // searches for next match, and if found, fills devid with
      // something you can pass on to DeviceDiscover, etc
      // returns true if next is found, false if no more
      bool next_device(Usb::DeviceIDType *devid);

class BXEXPORT Device
      Usb::DeviceIDType m_id;
      Usb::DeviceHandleType m_handle;

      int m_timeout;
      int m_lasterror;

      Device(Usb::DeviceIDType id, int timeout = USBWRAP_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT);

      // Data access

      Usb::DeviceIDType GetID() const { return m_id; }
      Usb::DeviceHandleType GetHandle() const { return m_handle; }
      int GetLastError() const { return m_lasterror; } //< not thread safe...
            //< use the error code stored in the exceptions to track
            //< errors in threaded usage

      // Device manipulation

      bool SetConfiguration(unsigned char cfg);
      bool ClearHalt(int ep);
      bool Reset();

      // IO functions

      bool BulkRead(int ep, Barry::Data &data, int timeout = -1);
      bool BulkWrite(int ep, const Barry::Data &data, int timeout = -1);
      bool BulkWrite(int ep, const void *data, size_t size, int timeout = -1);
      bool InterruptRead(int ep, Barry::Data &data, int timeout = -1);
      bool InterruptWrite(int ep, const Barry::Data &data, int timeout = -1);

      void BulkDrain(int ep, int timeout = 100);

      // Combo functions

      bool GetConfiguration(unsigned char &cfg);

class BXEXPORT Interface
      Device &m_dev;
      int m_iface;
      Interface(Device &dev, int iface);

// Map of Endpoint numbers (not indexes) to endpoint descriptors
struct BXEXPORT EndpointPair
      unsigned char read;
      unsigned char write;
      unsigned char type;

      EndpointPair() : read(0), write(0), type(0xff) {}
      bool IsTypeSet() const { return type != 0xff; }
      bool IsComplete() const { return read && write && IsTypeSet(); }

class BXEXPORT EndpointDiscovery : public std::map<unsigned char, usb_endpoint_descriptor>
      friend class InterfaceDiscovery;

      typedef std::map<unsigned char, usb_endpoint_descriptor>base_type;
      typedef std::vector<EndpointPair>               endpoint_array_type;

      bool m_valid;
      endpoint_array_type m_endpoints;

      BXLOCAL bool Discover(struct usb_interface_descriptor *interface, int epcount);

      EndpointDiscovery() : m_valid(false) {}

      bool IsValid() const { return m_valid; }

      const endpoint_array_type & GetEndpointPairs() const { return m_endpoints; }

// Map of Interface numbers (not indexes) to interface descriptors and endpoint map
struct BXEXPORT InterfaceDesc
      usb_interface_descriptor desc;
      EndpointDiscovery endpoints;

class BXEXPORT InterfaceDiscovery : public std::map<int, InterfaceDesc>
      typedef std::map<int, InterfaceDesc>                  base_type;

      bool m_valid;

      BXLOCAL bool DiscoverInterface(struct usb_interface *interface);

      InterfaceDiscovery() : m_valid(false) {}

      bool Discover(Usb::DeviceIDType devid, int cfgidx, int ifcount);
      bool IsValid() const { return m_valid; }

// Map of Config numbers (not indexes) to config descriptors and interface map
struct BXEXPORT ConfigDesc
      usb_config_descriptor desc;
      InterfaceDiscovery interfaces;

class BXEXPORT ConfigDiscovery : public std::map<unsigned char, ConfigDesc>
      typedef std::map<unsigned char, ConfigDesc>           base_type;

      bool m_valid;

      ConfigDiscovery() : m_valid(false) {}

      bool Discover(Usb::DeviceIDType devid, int cfgcount);
      bool IsValid() const { return m_valid; }

// Discovers all configurations, interfaces, and endpoints for a given device
class BXEXPORT DeviceDiscovery
      bool m_valid;

      usb_device_descriptor desc;
      ConfigDiscovery configs;

      DeviceDiscovery(Usb::DeviceIDType devid);

      bool Discover(Usb::DeviceIDType devid);
      bool IsValid() const { return m_valid; }

} // namespace Usb


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